What We Do

At AthlosFit we see Sports Technology as a tool that enables clubs to become more competitive. Sports Technology can help reduce the gap between the smaller and the bigger, the less-financially endowed and the richer, the less-connected and the Masters of the Universe.

Technology is not an Equaliser, but it is certainly a major Enabler.

The continuous reduction in the cost, the rapid introduction of new products, the ever-growing number of suppliers, and the resulting competition amongst them, make it easier particularly for smaller Clubs to access, or acquire, these technologies, and become more competitive in their domestic leagues, and international competitions. This is also true for Athletes, who can benefit tremendously either as part of a Team, or in Individual events, being able to study, monitor and improve their Performance.

There are increased opportunities with Partnerships and Sponsorships, at both the Athlete and the Team / Club level. More recently, Athletes in particular have become more vocal and more influential through their social media channels, and their direct communication with their fans. This has made them even more attractive to brands / sponsors. It has also given the Athletes the opportunity to stand up for social issues that they feel represent them.

AthlosFit partners with Suppliers of Solutions and Sports Organisations re:

SportsTech & Equipment

Proven technology solutions that increase competitiveness on- and off-the field. They come as software / apps, hardware, or a combination of the two.

Performance Analytics

Tools and methods that assist coaches enhance the performance of their teams and athletes, in terms of skill development, tactics, and mental strengthening. The use of video and trackers enable the collection of millions of data points which through the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning create Insights about their own team and the opposition. Also used in recruitment scouting.

Fan Engagement

A process that helps maintain, and develop further, the relationships amongst fans, clubs, athletes, and brands through direct communication. The development of great content brings the fans closer to the other three parties. Can also assist the monetisation of the relationships.

Sports Sponsorship

Brands, rights-holders, leagues, clubs, athletes, fans / audience, media, content, social engagement, data metrics, compensation models (guaranteed, performance-related), and most importantly, Shared Values are all elements of successful, win-win, sponsorship partnerships.

Sports Broadcasting

Technology that facilitates the broadcasting of sports events. OTT streaming, 8K, remote broadcasting, and cloud solutions are issues that are currently considered by sports organisations.

Sports Events

Mass participation challenges in Swimming, Cycling, Running and Triathlon have seen tremendous growth, creating opportunities for brands as sponsors, and technology suppliers.

Sports Memorabilia

Advise on Procurement and Trading of various Sports Memorabilia, including clothing (such as signed football shirts), equipment, and accessories.


Working with team members, we help them develop their unique designs, and provide them with competitively-priced sublimated Teamwear of superior quality.


Talent x Brands (connecting products, services, companies, and locations with well-known talent)