AthlosFit name: Athlos is an ancient Greek word that means “feat”, a higher-standard “achievement”.  AthlosFit stands for becoming Fit to perform an Athlos – to be prepared to undertake, and overcome, challenges, which at the time might seem “impossible”.

AthlosFit Team

AthlosFit combines a truly international, multi-cultural background and work experience with personal sports participation experience.

AthlosFit was founded by George, a US-educated marketing consultant and entrepreneur from Thessaloniki, Greece, who has been a very long-time resident of London. George has been working in Business Development for products, services, and technologies in Europe and Southeast Asia. He has been participating in Swimming (sea, lake, and swimming pool) and Running (road) challenges in London, and Greece, having completed multiple Swimathon (1,500 meters), Swim Serpentine (1 mile), XTERRA Greece (2,500 meters swim), and Vitality London 10K runs. All of these are done for the benefit of charities, which provides a great incentive. His biggest joy is that his son is joining him, and the two of them compete giving it their best.

Anthony – not just another human adding to the mess…, but one that makes the effort to develop as a multi-faceted individual, starting with a PhD in Public Administration while nurturing a life-long interest in literature, languages, military history and politics. Earning his pay as consultant to forward-thinking reformers worldwide. Enabling his background as a former competitive swimmer, windsurfer & certified lifeguard to reach the potential of his physical self, by having a rigorous daily exercise routine, being passionate about Fat-Biking (preferably on the snow), bodyweight calisthenics outdoors, or functional strength training indoors, as well as disciplined about healthy eating.