The Amondo digital content experience and management solution enables Content from all sources and platforms, plus media coverage, quizzes, promotions and data capture to be brought together via a new format called Imprint – which can be embedded and shared across websites, apps, big screens, broadcast, social and email.

Amondo’s Imprint is utilised by some of the biggest rightsholders, such as Formula 1 / Red Bull Racing, Formula E, Team GB, FIFA, Liverpool FC and Chelsea FC to utilise the content generated around their community for Fan Engagement, Partnership Activation, and Monetisation.

A presentation link and/or custom demo can be provided on request


OnePlan is an Events Planning solution that is utilised to assist event organisers with Mapping and Event Site Planning of the locations where they will be holding Sports and Entertainment events, such as Start and Finish of races, Concerts, Exhibitions, and more.

OnePlan is the Official Partner and Supplier of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games in the GIS Mapping category, where it will be used to fully map more than 30 locations, and plan events in each one of them. OnePlan combines the best characteristics of CAD with the most current Mapping technology, in a platform that is very easy to use. Its use saves lots of time (such as days or weeks), in the planning of the infrastructure of an event, making the display extremely precise.

It has been used in more than 8,000 Sports & Entertainment events, in more than 100 countries, by users / rightsholders such as Formula One Grand Prix, UCI Cycling, FIBA και Arsenal FC.

Through this link you can register and do a trial mapping and planning of a site.


TeamSportsz through its innovative sports club management AI platform is on a mission to provide the most affordable and accessible, cutting-edge solution for every team and club, so they can improve their organisation, performance, and understanding of the game.

The TeamSportz app uses AI to analyse, measure and generate accurate performance data for the players, whilst coaches use the platform to understand, support and help their players’ development. Coaches can easily manage their teams and player through the intuitive Coaches Corner dashboard that hosts team rosters, organises exercises, plans, and analyses players activity as well as their progress.

The Video Analysis of practices and matches enables coaches to highlight the players’ performance. Players can also share results of their self-catered drills and exercises, so they can easily showcase their performance with coaches and teammates.